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Freewill, I emerge from her womb
With rarest gift nature bestows
And took as companions faith and reason
As first free deed of my will.

Into philosophy I plunged with faith,
Crossed the line of aesthetics
To hold a rare date with logic
And there I lost my faith.

Retracing my limbs, I leaped
Into theology with reason
And saw guilt littered all round
And there too my reason was gone.

Reversing the network at will,
Into the other I plunged the other.
And still was left with something gone
Only now it was my freewill

One of two things it seems I must do
Choose between my will and others
But whichever way I dare turn
My humanity is there at stake


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Four Freedoms

We were hungry, in want of food;image
And you told us we’d freedom from want.
We were fearful if we would die;
And you told us we’d freedom from fear.
We were speechless, without complaint;
And you told us we’d freedom of speech.
We believed poverty was our lot;
And you told us we’d freedom of faith.

imageAnd when we’ve come to self-discovery
Believing in ourselves and started talking
Refusing to give up until hunger is cured
You dared claim to yourself one more freedom
One we certainly do not desire:
Freedom to turn a deaf ear.


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