Flowery Portraits

imageI’m a Dandelion, an emissary whose presence tells tales of scenes and senses in stealth oracular tone. I’m the seer, always close by to whisper the path and restore the heart’s enchanted sentiments.

I’m a Poppy, clear and crimson in hue, milky opiate to drain your worries and fears. I’m your consolation, a fecund reminder that no matter the pains that lace your moments, there’s always an antidote.

I’m a Tuberose, youthful and rich in wild pleasures, clothed with delicious endearments that blossom with delight and enjoyed from a distance, only from a distance.

I’m the Hawthorn, fragrant and inviting, with subtle appeal awaiting your embrace and hoping the music would draw you to my lips, to pollinate their transparent desire.

I’m Tulip, embodiment of my own features, bereft of wild fragrance that charms without physical appeal. I’m the emblematic symbol of nature-enriched heart that declares love’s fertile simplicity and desire.
I’m a Lilac, nature’s flowery bestowal. I’m love’s first emotions, fluid, flexible, and full of seductive verve, symbol of tenderness dressed in patches to be conquered.

I’m a Snowdrop, harbinger of the seasons, opening wide tentacles of hope, to point you ahead to cheerful tomorrows that would cleanse the dirt of uncertainty. I’m your certain expectation.

I’m a Primrose, the prime glow of life that yields youthful innocence to conquer the strong. I’m your betrothed, sculpted to excite your heart by my tranquil visage.

I’m the Almond-tree, obedient and graceful, such that in Nature’s discrete ensemble I stand out as an ancient pointer to love’s changeless mold and death-like strength.

I’m the Weeping Willow, haunted by my handle, yet dressed in a dirge to sing comfort to broken hearts by shared emotions. I’m a fresh scent on a threshold, to slice wounds and nurse pains.

I’m Violet, the modest one with a Midas touch. I’m the impeccable gem that retreats from the stain of infatuation, whose redolence is sought after, to be wooed and won through a symphony of hearts.

I’m a Daisy, the heroic helmet that shields beauty from nocturnal blindness, to keep its sparks dazzling as a young lover fresh from victory. I’m the vestment of newness and the day’s eye.
I’m Heart’s-Ease, the lover’s tonic, whose colours harvest smiles and pleasing thoughts. I’m Nature’s handiwork to save your heart from hurts by my riveting rays and pacifying presence.

I’m Wallflower, imbued with resilience, faithful to memories of timeless love, even when battered by torrents of pains. I’m love’s redemptive quilt, a dependable support through the seasons.

I’m Daffodil, that kvells in my self-image and the radiance of my textured glow. I’m the Narcissus, keeping your love at bay by delayed refusal, to be drown by it’s wooing nectar.

imageI’m Horse-Chestnut, the emblem of palatial graces, humble in nature and enriched by nurture. I’m the luxuriance that gussies up your exterior to shield repellent traces and keep you winsome and inviting.

I’m Bugloss, the reservoir of physical delight, free from blemish. I’m not ideal, but I’m real. In embellishing your appearance, I win for you affection that lasts the moment, entrusting the moments thereafter to your care.

I’m Lily of the Valley, breaking forth on the banks of fruitfulness, fresh and restorative. I’m the lonely harbinger of happiness, healing and hope, igniting dance steps to soothe nerves.

I’m Privet, your venerable smile that blossoms when all else withers. I’m your restraint against fatal pleasures, warding off only fears.

I’m a Periwinkle, carried by the winds of tenderness and warm reminiscence to purify the density of cold emotions. I’m the lure of sincere friendship, solid roots that keep flames alive.
I’m Heath, out in the woods, solitary and exposed to the heat and wild elements. I weep for love’s receding and daylight madness of our noisy world. I’m your solitude, your renewal.

I’m Thyme, ornamented scent that invites all to taste my budding pollens. I’m the restless stalk, a cynosure of aromatic romance, working and welcoming all into my fragrant mold.

I’m Linden Tree, insignia of connubial bliss, a blend of contentment, charity and calm. I’m love’s aged and golden epaulet, bestowed as rainbows that tell tale of our simple hearts and their daily conquests.

I’m Buck-bean, asleep midday, away from cosmetic engagements that wither the priceless worth of time. I’m in calm repose, that in this state I might stealthily entice all else.

I’m Acanthus, springing to life on the banks of heated affection, fed by my temperate taste. I’m love’s artistic embodiment of charm, cuddling hurdles to conquer their strains and smile to victory.

I’m Myrtle, resplendent gift of the ages, evergreen in loving without reserve. I’m love’s sacrifice, bathed with waves of fullness, to satisfy every strain of deficit by my selfless offertory.
I’m Lucerne, trustworthy and organic companion of unshaken roots, fixed in my commitment to sustenance. I’m life’s cincture, holding on against the odds, except shredded into bits of disregard.

I’m Rose, thorny and soothing, love’s timeless spectre and the poet’s seminal cement. I’m heaven’s gift that adorns the earth, common and palatial, with glorious petals that sparkle wits and symphonic lyrics.

I’m Strawberry, tastily furnished with icy perfection that’s sweetened by nature. I’m the healthy fruit that adds colourful beauty to the eyes and delicious feel to the tongue to keep you healthy and desirous of more.

I’m St John’s Wort, worthy defender against the taunts and haunts of terrestial feats. I’m supertitious in my thought, but would give all to make you happy in my virtues.

imageI’m Valerian, the beauty of valour through the ages, ancient and accommodating friend to those that seek learning. In reviving the spirit, I’m the ascetic antidote to nerves and fallen sights.

I’m Jasmine, the amiable and exquisite one, never to be found wanting in dressing a royal outing. I’m the rich and abundant bouquet of delights and bliss, always in the company of the blessed and happiest.

I’m Honeysuckle, imbued with a heart to give all and pay due care to your needs. I’m your strength, stretching my delicate and supple arms around your moments with cheerfulness that comforts.

I’m Broom, beaming with sweeping smiles that blossom at my exaltation by benign graces. I’m the insignia of favoured humility, an exemplar of life’s simple but rich endowment.

I’m Pink, the bright and feminine emblem of spotless love in whose presence the oath of purity is kept. I’m your trustworthy eye to the soui’s adorable graces.

I’m Vernain, the resourceful reservoir of enchantment that tells of healing and of things to come. I’m the penitent’s relief and the reconciliator of differences.

I’m Mallow, the beneficient delicacy of Nature’s abundance, given to assuage hunger and replenish strength. I’m a friend of the poor, inspiring their confidence to stare the rich in the face.
I’m Flos Adonis, the memories of yesterday carried over to teach today love’s priceless acts of bravery. I’m the rebirth of beauty and joy with delicate lights of delight that soothe painful recollections.

I’m Lily, the floral, flourishing and friendly endowment, dressed in majestic display. I’m the esteemed one, praised by kings, admired by nobles and sought by those who long for youthful rejuvenation.

I’m Marigold, attracted by the sun to dance towards its rising and setting, emitting luminous sparks in seasons. I’m beckoned by grief, but blended with roses, I’m life’s true reflection and love’s fortification.

I’m Thorn-apple, the duality of life concealed in the loins of flamboyant charm. I’m slippery and tangible, to be nurtured with care, to avoid the intoxicating effect of my endearment.
I’m Migionette, the scent of dawn and sweetness of dusk, waking with expectations of excitement. I’m the enchanted one whose qualities surpass every trace of charm.

I’m Acacia, the incorruptible one, resilient through the ages, that in meeting man’s needs, a timeless friendship is shared. I’m the chaste embryo that blossoms bright, from whose branches ornamental palaces spring forth.

I’m Stock, the store of timeless beauty that survives the elements, bruises and failures. I’m the scented one, whose fragrance gladly makes up for any physical flaws.

I’m Carolina Jasmine, an alien among the noisy lot, floundering between the beautiful foliage and the living. I’m the diversity of the New World, breaking the bounds of nature and human as much as I bind.

I’m Corn, the diverse spread of tastes that satisfy and restore. I’m the abundance of life, giving you dominion over the earth and its gifts, to test your taste and quench your thirst.

I’m Yellow Day Lily, the transient beauty dimmed by time, flashy in looks and seductive in tone. I’m the Belle de jour, coming and going through its season, in endless display of phantom delights.
I’m the Sensitive Plant, whose motions and emotions respond to the sensibility of touch and light. I’m the chaste one, retreating from the chase of the abuser, to shield my modesty and not hurt or be hurt.

I’m China Aster, a true star that springs from the royal garden and begins the journey of multiplying its strands. I’m no known theatrical rival; only consoling when the lover is gone.

I’m Peruvian Heliotrope, your heart’s devotee, to adore the gift of love and follow you with unguarded attachment. I’m an intoxicating perfume, stuck on you through laundry and dressing.

I’m Forget-Me-Not, never to be forgotten by the memory of love’s heroic feat. I’m the seal of your heart and its throbbing affections that rise from the brook of self-giving, that in telling our story true lovers might be inspired to reignite their sparks.

I’m Cypress, the pall-bearer carrying the weight of unintended guilt as sign of worthy recompense. I’m the constant reminder of the thin line between life and death, seeking to remove itself for both to embrace.

I’m Scarlet Geranium, self-absorbed and mindful of human folly, without the gift of reluctance. I’m no cure nor curse, but in delaying my judgement I’m struck by the commonness of stupidity.image

I’m Sweet-Scented Tussilage, the sensate one, preserved from the grasp of the hasty and vulgar. I’m the discovered treasure, crowned in time to prove justice’s sure, though delayed, swipe.

I’m Meadow Saffron, blossoming on the edge of brightness, pointing to heydays gone by. I’m the seed of tomorrow, waiting with patience for the seasons to break my hymen and set me free once again.

I’m Maiden Hair, true offspring of Zephyr, worshipped with a search that seeks to denude my potency. I’m the virgin, elusive, secretive, yet my satisfaction is bestowed in the search, not in my being found or conquered.

I’m Sunflower, the luminary draped in gold that adorns earth’s vast spread. I’m the colourful emblem of wealth, though abundant in my display, I’m still in search for contentment out of riches.

I’m Oak, the sacred emblem that radiates strength, royalty and fruitfulness across all seas, violent and calm. I’m the motherly one, with arms spread wide as shelter against privations, to salvage the world from self-destruction.
I’m Marvel of Peru, the prodigious beauty that shies away from the blinding sight of artificiality. I’m the sweet-scented and lonely one that preserves one’s cheerful presence till Nature finds peace away from noisy moments of the day.

I’m Parsley, the feast lover, rounding up earthly tenants to experience the healthy offerings of providence. I’m the garland of beauty which feeds the hungry and satisfies the thirsty that by such all may look up to me for survival.

I’m Amaranth, the edible one, amenable to time and ceaseless in thriving existence. I’m alive among the living and among those gone, a changeless companion that speaks the language of immortality to those who fully live, for in this is one truly alive.

I’m Ivy, strong and resolute in my commitment to cherished emotions deposited in health-inducing friendship. I’m the daring one, holding on to the apparel of charm of the beloved in inseparable warmth, clinging on till it ends well.

I’m Moss, the signet of maternal love, haunted by my zeal for protecting my own from the rousing threat of earthly cares. I’m the secluded one, reaching out to all those banished by fear of confronting their fears.

I’m Laurustinus, delicate one, visible to the eyes and concrete to the emotions. I’m the all-weather beauty, preserved by abundant supply of cares, withering only when neglected by the beloved.

I’m Holly, the towering providential gift that is raised upon higher grounds to loose its thorns while advancing heavenward. I’m the ornamental and esculent fruit, divine handiwork that displays Nature’s desire to feed its offspring.
I’m Cornel Cherry-Tree, the seminal and reflective one, cultivating the arts to the admiration and affection of the discerning. I’m the steady one, growing fruits and strands that tell of durable endowment, the prodigy of tomorrow’s strength.

I’m Laurel, the royal diadem and crown of glory, emerging from the battles won against ignorance, war and disease. I’m the aromatic one, with evergreen aura of rewarded virtue striding with regal gait.

I’m Yew, the gaily and gaunt one that frowns beneath the weight of the elements. I’m the sorrowful one that invites, attracts and repels by choice and moods, grieving with those that grieve, turning my feast to desolation.

I’m Hazel, the curvy and arborescent beauty of Nature, like the dove from Noah’s ark bringing hope. I’m the olive branch, that grows on the boundaries of love and hate to spread its virtuous tentacles of warmth around both in reconciliation.

I’m Mezereon, the pleasant one, whose oddity is salvaged by Nature through bestowal of flowery garland of crimson hue. I’m February’s favoured infant, dressed in shadowy attire that transcends seasons, visible to the senses and their delight.

imageI’m Juniper, the scented and consecrated one, clothed with perfumery that dresses the forces of darkness to free benign spirits on mission. I’m the harbinger of protection, sprouting freely and shielding the weak from their carnivores.


7 responses to “Flowery Portraits

  1. Nice one! I Love flowers.

  2. Epic, fulsomely fragrant, poetic and enchanting. Thank you.

    • Oh, dear. I used the wrong word in my enthusiasm. My comment should be “Epic, fully fragrant, poetic and enchanting.” Sorry for the error :(, but thank you for the gorgeous post. Love having the photos, which didn’t show when I read the post earlier. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful, unusual and delicately done. πŸ™‚

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