shadow of a hand

I’ve always known being a parent isn’t an easy task but it all turned real when I swapped positions by becoming a mother of an adorable two year old whose father had followed the desire of his loins and renounced responsibilities and I, on that fateful afternoon of December Twenty-First (after busying myself with a lot of chores) was so tired that I could only struggle half-asleep to play with my daughter who was so active that I didn’t know when I slept off until I was woken by her repeated coughing only to find out that while I lay napping she had played with my purse that was close by, removed a key to a drawer and swallowed it which resulted in her choking, leaving me with full consciousness that being a parent is a full-time job that one must not shirk off because I almost ran mad in the wake of the moment when I carried her in my arms in deep confusion and walked down the road in search of a means of transportation, finding all the cabs fully occupied, wondering why bikes were banned in the face of poor transportation system which delayed my arrival at the hospital; after finally arriving, found that the doctors were too busy to attend to me as an emergency since there were many of such cases and when one did eventually come through, ended up telling me to wait for another thirty minutes for them to arrange fuel that would power the generator as there was no electricity to conduct the x-ray which later showed that the key had moved down and settled around her abdomen with an assurance that all I needed to do was to take her home and wait and wait and wait while feeding her some medication and specified foods – a waiting that was emotionally draining as I watched her play gleefully without my being able to bring myself to play along until four days later, when she stooled out the key and I, in uncontrollable excitement, almost ran out of the house nude in praise of God’s miraculous hand.

Note: This is another of my one-sentence short story.



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4 responses to “shadow of a hand

  1. villebilingue

    Ha, Ha, I love this piece

  2. akupeace ike

    Nice one

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