a grateful spirit

I’m grateful for the tears of the year
They’ve proven I’m human after all;
I’m grateful for successes attained,
They’ve strengthened my faith in me.

I’m grateful for friends that stayed
There’s some purpose in our bond;
I’m grateful for those that fell aside,
Our purpose had run its course.
I’m grateful for new friends found,
They prove that help is always around.

I’m grateful for each word I’ve crafted,
They’ve been my sublime guide.
I’m grateful for all I’ve read and learnt;
They’ve enriched my dance steps with life.
I am grateful for family, near and far;
They’ve remained great pillar of strength.

I’m grateful for the air and its breath,
The conveyance of life and freshness;
I’m grateful for the Truth I seek,
The embrace of my soulful dance.



Filed under Life, Poetry, Writing

6 responses to “a grateful spirit

  1. Lovely and generous-thank you for the inspiration and happy new year.

  2. lois

    Dreams come true.. With God.. What comes to my mind as I recall those days when you dreamt of owning a blog where you could express yourself succintly.. It’s a world of possibilities. Keep the flag flying!

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