On Wednesday, August 24, 2005, after reading Laurie Beth’s The Path, I decided to write down personal vision and mission statements for my life. Though her book made me write them down, I had always known the statements and tucked them somewhere in my subconscious. My life has generally taken a somewhat charted course, though with detours and drawbacks at some points. However, writing down the statements brought them to life. Prior to and ever since then, I had written a million words – in my mind.

So, in this blog, kokowrites, I’m going back to the foundational things of my life, such as writing. It’s a self-imposed journey, a-sometimes-painful exploration of my subconscious. I call it fragments, because each thought captured here, expresses only a picture, a glimpse. Isn’t life lived in variegated moments that add up to make wholesome meaning? I know, in time to come, some of my readers may ponder more deeply about some of the thoughts expressed here, some may be inspired and some may fight me – in their mind, if not literarily, for dragging them into my stream of reflexivity.

Among many things, I’m living out part of my mission in this blog, and I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out, though I’m hoping it doesn’t run out of my control. If you have the time, come with me on the journey and I’ll strive to make it a pleasant experience. Afterall, I envision “a world of radiant people living their best.” As you join me to explore the fragments of lived realities and reflexive existence, I’ll love to hear your thoughts, more than mine, and should we get to the crossroads, I’ll cheer you on to take your path, trusting that our paths will meet again, and again. Welcome to my fragmented thoughts!


Path Follower…


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